Nelson Astro Workshops

Workshop #1: Thursday July 21st - 7pm.
Backup day: Friday July 22nd 

Ghost of Janie

Learn the basics of Astrophotography from Nelson based photographer Jack Burden. Together we will go over the necessary steps to capture amazing photographs of the stars and our neighbouring galaxies. This will cover basic settings to allow us to let the most light into our cameras, shutter times to minimise streaky stars, and manual focus. Workshops will run for 1.5-2 hours and will be limited to 6 people. The price will be $75 per person or $135 per couple. 

Where and when? 

Workshops will be held at Cable Bay. We will meet in the first car park on the left hand side. Depending on the time of year and where the Milky Way is positioned, we will either capture images from the beach side, or go across the gravel road to the inlet. Either way, there will be minimal walking involved. Exact dates are subject to the level of interest from attendees. These will be announced closer to the time. We are always at the mercy of the elements with Astrophotography, with clouds and moonlight being our two deciding factors in whether to hold a workshop. Therefore, workshops may be changed to a new date at the last minute. 

What do i need to bring?

Workshop attendees are advised to  bring the following, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

-A basic understanding of how to use a camera on manual mode will be helpful but not absolutely essential.

-A camera that can be used on manual mode, with an SD card and a fully charged battery (been there done that too many times to count!)
-A wide angle lens is best (between 12-24mm focal length)



-Warm clothes. Thermal long johns and socks, beanie, gloves and a warm jacket are essential. The best time for astrophotography in New Zealand is winter, which unfortunately means braving the cold. No pain no gain right!

-Comfortable shoes. I would advise sturdy hiking boots with ankle support, as Cable bay is a bit unstable underfoot, especially in the dark! Gumboots would be a good option too if we capture images from the sandy inlet side. As mentioned, regardless of where we shoot, walking will be kept to an absolute minimum.

-A thermos of hot chocolate or soup is always a good idea!

How can i find out more? To find out when the next workshop is going to be held, send me an email and i will put you on the mailing list. You can also follow my Facebook page, as I will announce upcoming workshops on there too.