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My name is Jack Burden and i am a photographer based in sunny Nelson.

What started as a hobby, taking sunrise images while spending time with my family in Whangamata quickly became a full blown obsession. I enjoy many different aspects and styles of photography including landscapes, time-lapse, and milky way nightscapes.

A big part of photography for me is getting out in nature. Photography has been the reason behind visiting some amazing locations both locally and internationally, such as Iceland, Port Stephens in NSW, various parts of the USA and of course, our very own corner of the world Aotearoa.  

I really enjoy the planning stages of a shoot. Having an idea in my head and taking the steps to make it happen is definitely very satisfying. Because a lot of my photography is astronomically based, the weather is a big dictator in whether i have success or not. I can do all the planning in the world, but all it takes is some clouds to roll in and ruin my  plans. I think this is what makes astro photography so rewarding. 

I am writing this as we are just coming out of Level 4 lockdown. I am not sure what the immediate future holds photography trip wise. It looks like there will be a lot of local travel, which is not a bad thing given the stunning area of NZ i am lucky enough to live in. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for stopping by,

Jack Burden